Anatoli – Personal Trainer, Life Coach, and Kids Fitness Guru What's a Belching Bulgarian? Where do thoughts come from? What did it feel like on your last day of being a child? MORE ANATOLI!!!

Happy Mothers Day – Downtown Los Angeles – DTLA Arts District – Walt Disney Concert Hall Dear Mom, I Love You.  This episode is dedicated to Mom.  Explore the arts district of DTLA, as well as Union Station, Walt Disney Concert Hall, and City Hall.

The Official Babysitter Checklist. Baby Blues Brothers – Emergency Contacts As a babysitter, it's your responsibility to be prepared for emergency situations. Baby Blues Brothers are on the job!

K is for Kind. Diversity at School. Diversity at Home. The Very Young & The Restless.

K & M have a misunderstanding about their home life and the kids reveal their favorite letters. Fire Truck! Gilbert & Sullivan are rolling their eyes from beyond.

Science Fiction for Kids – Anemology: The Study of Wind – Channel Islands National Park

Will they ever find Scout? Mysterious winds bring strange voices. Come along on their journey and learn some interesting facts along the way! Finding the Middle of Nowhere. Location: Santa Cruz Island, Channel Islands National Park. Year: 2017.#anemologyforbabies

Tea @ Sea: April 27, 2017

This episode is pure fun! Top 10 Books! Shel Silverstein! Events in Southern California! Kids falling asleep while eating! #kidsinthearts! The Wizard of Oz! Make sure you watch the outtakes at the end! Kids' news, literature and entertainment.

The Adventures of The Scrappy Duo: Redwood National Park

Did you know that the scenes on Endor in Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi were filmed in Redwood National Park? Enjoy our adventure to Redwood National Park featuring Fern Canyon and Gold Bluffs Beach.