B is for Be Yourself

What do you want to B? We want to know! Send us a message here. https://youtu.be/5nzJygfCUP8 After searching high and low for the best place to bring kids in Southern California, we've found the best place is right around the corner in Pasadena. At Kidspace you can B whatever you want to B. Get the…


Happy National Nutrition Month!

Visit our friends at EatRight.org for more about National Nutrition Month! Nutrition experts agree that healthy snacking throughout the day provides energy and improves your overall health. What's your favorite snack? "Healthy snacks are more like slow-burning fuel that helps you keep going all day. Having several snacks a day helps banish that post meal…

P is for Pineapple Party

We kick off Season 2 with a Pineapple Premier Party. Letter of the week rules are in full effect this season so be sure to touch your nose every time you hear a word that begins with the letter P. Vegan P Recipes Celebrate by making a Pretty Pretty Pineapple Upside Down Cake or a…


Time to catch up!

The Scrappy Duo Season 2: Terrible Twos starts next week! It's time to revisit the groundbreaking Season 1: Newborn, consisting of 40 educational comedy sketches. Click on a pic for episodes.

Ask Anatoli – Life Coach, Personal Trainer and Kids Fitness Guru

Answering the hard questions - How do we grow? Nobody is watering us. What is an exaggerator? Why can't I pee outside? Demonstrations of the Push Away and the Itchy Back.

Ask Anatoli, Episode 1: I Can Be Myself Today

Are you in need of a life coach? Anatoli is here to answer your questions on healthy living, sanity and the pursuit of silliness through meditation, self-expression, relaxation and perspiration.