Kids Paper Crafts – STEM Education – Professor Origami – The Bird Enfold yourself in Origami!  Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.

K is for Kind. Diversity at School. Diversity at Home. The Very Young & The Restless.

K & M have a misunderstanding about their home life and the kids reveal their favorite letters. Fire Truck! Gilbert & Sullivan are rolling their eyes from beyond.

Kids Paper Crafts – STEM Education – Professor Origami – The Penguin

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math

Ask Anatoli – Life Coach, Personal Trainer and Kids Fitness Guru

Answering the hard questions - How do we grow? Nobody is watering us. What is an exaggerator? Why can't I pee outside? Demonstrations of the Push Away and the Itchy Back.

Professor Origami, Episode 2: The Swan

Are you ready to come one step closer to Origami greatness? Follow the four folds of Professor Origami, and you too can make the Swan! If you have any questions, the Professor is on stand-by!

The Very Young & The Restless, Episode 2: Be Magnificent

M has a meltdown when his masterpiece doesn't match up. Art, Music, and Naptime to the music of Gilbert and Sullivan.

Baby Blues Brothers, Episode 2: Car Seat

Every wonder how to install a car seat while washing cars and dogs? This is a must see! Baby Blues Brothers are taking safety seriously!