Finding the Middle of Nowhere


Will they ever find Scout?  Mysterious winds bring strange voices.  Come along on their journey and learn some interesting facts along the way! Finding the Middle of Nowhere.  Location: Santa Cruz Island, Channel Islands National Park. Year: 2017. #anemologyforbabies

Location: Echo Mountain. Year: 2017. The Scrappy Duo uncover echoes in Time as they learn about the unfortunate history of Echo Mountain. Finding the Middle of Nowhere. #horologyforbabies

Location: Idaho.  Year: Unknown. The Scrappy Duo discovers the science behind a hot springs they stumble upon in the mountains of Idaho.  Finding the Middle of Nowhere.

Finding the Middle of Nowhere: Archeology for Babies. As self-proclaimed outdoorsmen, Nate and Stephen have a lot to learn about the science behind our spectacular planet.
Geology, oceanography, biology, mineralogy, and geomorphology are all words they don’t understand. Let’s discover them together!