Tea @ Sea

Would you like to be on Tea @ Sea? Send us your pics and videos! This episode is pure fun! Top 10 Books! Shel Silverstein! Events in Southern California! Kids falling asleep while eating! #kidsinthearts! The Wizard of Oz! Make sure you watch the outtakes at the end!

Tea @ Sea is the best in kids’ news, literature and entertainment.  April 4th, 2017.  Top 10 YouTube Channels, The Official Letter of the Day, SoCal Kid Stuff, Dr. T introduces Maurice Sendak, and meet Maddie and Elizabeth in #kidsinthearts.  Also, watch out for silly surprises.

Catch the latest in kids’ news, literacy, and entertainment. Featuring Sophia Vashell in #kidsinthearts!

Everyone loves Tea @ Sea! Get the latest scoop in kids’ news, literature, and entertainment. Find out how kids like you are making a difference in this talk/variety show. (Featuring The Scrappy Duo Band, Lou Seal and the Fins.)