V is for Voltaire (and Vivaldi)

Backstage before Bernstein’s Candide at the Ohio Light Opera- 2018.

Stage Direction by Steve Daigle. Costumes by Charlene Gross. Set Design by Kiah Kayser. Wigs by Austin Blake Conlee. Photo by Matt Dilyard.

A Personal Note from Nate.

Candide at The Ohio Light Opera is the best show I’ve ever seen. Candide is pretty much my favorite musical of all time. (Rivaled only by West Side Story.) I’ve seen it a few times and also played the character of Maximilian a few years ago. Needless to say, I had extremely high expectations. Stephen takes on the role of Candide with such depth and subtlety that I sometimes forget it’s even him. I could not be more proud of my dear talented husband.

As Candide, Stephen Faulk’s rich tenor captured earnest, innocent Candide in both voice and manner. He seemed to move with grace and ease from our hero’s chirpy “Life is Happiness Indeed” in Act 1 to the dark lament of “It Must Be Me” in Act 2 (a sad reprise of “It Must Be So” from Act 1).
-Laura Kennelly from CoolCleveland.com



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