(Almost) Summer

Not sure about you, but for us…the past two weeks can only be described as WONDERFUL/CRAZY. We seized the moment by taking advantage of our last week living in Pasadena.

Knott's Berry Farm
Disneyland/California Adventure

Now we’re en route to Wooster, Ohio to spend our summer performing at The Ohio Light Opera. We left Pasadena 7 days ago with 3 goals.

#1 Find a secluded, warm, dry place to pitch our tent.

Choke Canyon State Park

#2 Swim.

Padre Island National Seashore

#3 Visit nieces and nephews. #Guncles

Dallas, TX

Next week Professor Origami will conclude spring session of The Scrappy Duo by encouraging STEAM education through the creation of the origami lily. After that, it’s time for summer camp! Expect to see all these adventures and more in summer episodes which will happen a little more sporadically before we conclude the season in the fall. We love you!

Don’t forget to get The Scrappy Duo T-Shirt at Etsy.com!

Season 2: Terrible 2s



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