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The Scrappy Duo T-Shirt comes from CONTEMPL8 T-SHIRTS, LLC who make eco-friendly, earth friendly, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible t-shirts. Beware that sizes run a bit large. Youth L = Adult XS Youth XL = Adult S. Currently, we don’t have any baby sizes…but if you’re interested we’ll make some, so send us a message. A Guncle onesie sounds too cute.



What do we mean by "eco-friendly"?

According to

First things first, we only use water-based ink and that is all we have ever used. We are green because we believe in it, not just for marketing purposes like some companies.

Secondly, CONTEMPL8 T-SHIRTS LLC uses 100% WIND POWER for our electricity needs.We don’t use much electricity in the first place since our press is 100% muscle powered. Most other shops use a ton of electricity for their automatic presses and other equipment. So, CONTEMPL8 T-SHIRTS, LLC has a very small carbon foot print compared to 99% of other printers.

Thirdly, for clean up mostly we just use water since our inks are water-based. But any chemicals that we use to clean our equipment are biodegradable and made of eco-friendly soy-based or citrus-based compounds.

Fourth, even though our inks and chemicals are eco-friendly, we still filter the wash water from cleaning our screens using a high tech filtration device that triple filters the wash water before it goes down the drain.

Finally, we do all the big things like using water-based ink and wind power to make us green, but don’t underestimate the additional impact of all the little things we also do. Our strong eco-mindedness results in us always looking at every task, no matter how minor, from the perspective of is this green? or how can it be greener? Whether it’s re-using tape several times or dropping off shirts via bicycle on a nice day, this comprehensive green approach adds up folks, and its quite rare in the printing industry.


Available at!



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