#EarthDay (H is for Hemp Seed)

Hemp has recently gained popularity among the #NutritionNuts and #MommyBloggers of #CyberSpace. We joined the bandwagon adding hemp to our protein shakes and experimenting with Vegan Hemp Pancakes (via TheFitCookie) and Vegan Banana Muffins (via Forkly)

Is hemp safe for kids? Scroll down for articles on how to safely introduce hemp into your child’s diet.

Hemp seed not only helps meet our daily nutritional needs, but is used in making rope, clothes, paint, paper, and can even be found in bird feed mix. We recently discovered another hemp product we love…#lipbalm from The Merry Hempsters.

Celebrate #EarthDay by going for a hike and binge watching Finding the Middle of Nowhere. This episode is inspired by our friends at Merry Hempsters


Is Hemp Safe for Kids? via SarahKayHoffman.com

Introducing Hemp Seeds to Babies via EatWriteBe.com

What are the benefits of hemp seeds for Toddlers?  via the Good Weblog

…and don’t forget about the Crossword Contest!




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