Road Map Day Takeover

Happy Read a Road Map Day.

Happy Read a Transit Map Day!

We rode the New York City Subway at least once a day for seven years, and the ABCD Express 145th Station was our main launch point.

Public Transportation is…

  1. A Stress Reducer… although rush-hour on the D train is a different story.
  2. Safer. Compared to driving it’s 20 times safer to take the train and 60 times safer to take the bus!
  3. Cheaper. No car payments, gas money, parking fees, speeding tickets, etc.
  4. Exercise. Transit users get 3 times as much physical activity as drivers.
  5. Reading Time. Snuggling into a stinky packed train full of complete strangers isn’t so bad when you can escape in a good book.
  6. Helping Us Breathe. Air pollution cases as many deaths as traffic accidents.

Save the Planet and Ride the Train!


Find public transportation on Ecosia. Search Ecosia and help plant trees as you surf… seriously!


lisfor111Safety First: ALWAYS stay with an adult at the library or on the train.

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