N is for Nutrition Nuts

Anatoli, our resident life coach and kids fitness guru, is back to celebrate National Nutrition Month. Anatoli and his personal trainer, Svetlana, provide tips on establishing a healthy morning routine.
In order to discuss routine, we must first talk about change. In the New Year, we made resolutions to live a healthier lifestyle and have made great strides in 2 of our 3 commitments.
  1. Be more active.
Hiking. Weight-lifting. Racquetball. Check!

Watch Season 1 Episodes of Anatoli for more.


  1. Healthy Diet
Confession: For 7 years, we ate chocolate chip cookies with milk every night before bed.
In January, we decided to change to a Vegan Diet. Simultaneously, we received promotions from Gorilly Goods, Coconut Bliss, The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids and several other eco-friendly vegan products. It feels like kismet.


  1. Get More Sleep
Still working on this one…
Try this article from Web Health Journal

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