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The Episodes:

F is for Fifty Million Frenchmen

V is for Voltaire

O is for Offenbach

I is for Iolanthe

B is for Be Yourself

T is for Train

M is for May Day Math

C is for Conglomeration Cornucopia

H is for Heredity

P is for Pineapple Party

N is for Nutrition Nuts

K is for King Kids

A is for Art

L is for La La Library Lunch Date

X is for… Professor Origami: The Lily

S is for Scraptilvanian Stories

The Extras

A Knack for the Obscure (Lady of the Slipper at The Ohio Light Opera)

Next Stop: Fairyland (HMS Pinafore at The Ohio Light Opera)

Anachronism (Primrose at The Ohio Light Opera)

From River City to Cedar Rapids (The Music Man at The Ohio Light Opera)

(Almost) Summer

Get the Shirt!

Thank You

C is (also) for Confection

Crossword Contest

#EarthDay (H is for Hemp Seed)

Road Map Day Takeover

P is for Paddington (For Your Consideration)

For the Love of Pineapple and Peanut Butter

Out Like a Lamb #kidsinthearts